Best Pet Camera for 2017

Best Pet Monitor CameraCake gingerbread croissant chocolate bonbon gummi bears bear claw soufflé. Gummies ice cream dragée candy canes oat cake. Dessert dessert macaroon caramels topping biscuit sweet halvah pastry. Cupcake jelly cookie pudding sesame snaps tootsie roll oat cake lollipop jelly beans.such as:

  • 24/7 live video streaming from your phone
  • Motion sensored video and picture capture
  • Night vision cam to see in the dark
  • Voice compatibility so you can talk to your pets
  • And even pet cam treat dispensers!

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Pet Camera Comparison Chart

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Our Guide to the Best Pet Cameras

1-Furbo Dog Camera

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2-Petcube Wifi Cam

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3-Petzi Treat Cam

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Pet Cam Buying Guide

If you’re looking to buy a pet cam, there are a few options you will want to consider in order to make the best decision. We created a pet camera buying guide to help you understand the main pet cameras available in addition to standard features and benefits one might find. There are many indoor surveillance cameras out there which can work for monitoring pets; however, not all cameras provide live streaming from your phone, notifications, or voice compatibility. These new features are essential for keeping an eye on your fury friends, and even keeping company by talking to your pets.

Live Stream Pet Cam

Live streaming is the most important feature for pet cams. There’s no sense using an old-school surveillance camera that only records video, because the purpose for pet cams is to ensure your cats and dogs are safe and sound while you’re away from the house. You should purchase a pet camera that comes with a mobile app download where you can simply open the app to view and even talk to your pets. All of our selected “best pet cams” in the table above include live streaming from any device.

Motion Activation

Some pet cameras include motion activation recording. This comes in handy if your pet is not allowed in a certain room, or if your pet escapes their designated room while you’re out. The motion activation will send an alert to your phone indicating that your pet running about. In addition, there is also sound activation. If your dog is one to bark when someone pulls in the driveway, your pet camera can give you a notification right to your phone letting you know that your dog spotted something.

Night Vision

Night vision can be important if you regularly are out of the house at night or end up working late. Your best bet is to look for a pet camera with night vision so that it can also act as a home security camera as well. You’ll see below in a video how well these cameras can work for catching criminals in the act.

Voice Compatibility

A more recent feature of pet cams is the ability to talk to your pets via two-way voice compatibility. Is your dog chewing up the couch? Or maybe you just want to say a quick hello. Simply open up the app and speak into the two-way voice recognition camera.

Treat Dispenser

Treat dispensers are certainly the most recent development in technology. Now we can give our dogs and cats treats directly from our phone. We personally use this on a daily basis as it’s a great way to connect with our animals while out of the house. To take it even further, automatic pet feeders can dispense full meals for pets instead of just treats.


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